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“Izdihar” association, in cooperation with “She Shabablaki” association have launched the voluntary initiative “Your bread is our duty” to join hands and move quickly, with the aim of delivering daily bread to the homes of the poorest families, taking into account the preservation of their dignity, in order to ensure the commitment of the poorest people to their home confinement and reduce the spread of the epidemic.

The recent events raised the levels of extreme poverty in Lebanon, especially with the financial collapse totally depriving daily workers of even the capability of buying their daily bread.
A large segment of families has become “poorer than the poor”, as a result of the deliberate neglect and marginalization of officials, forcing them to face today quarantine and hunger together.

Accordingly, we ask everyone who is keen on preserving the human dignity of the poorest, to support our action by donating to help us start immediately securing bread, at least, and distribute it to the thousands of the neediest.

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Misbah Ahdab – “Your bread is our duty”

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