After Christmas, after the New Year comes the Epiphany... the appearance of light!

This event, which is deeply rooted in the Christian world, is a symbol that should be given greater importance within our various communities and peoples.

Three men followed the twinkling of a star in the night... They offered gifts to a hope, to a stranger, to a being who was not one of their own. They brought with them knowledge from different cultures, from faraway lands, happy to create a link.

However, the celebration of the appearance of light predates the Nativity by a long way, and is absolutely pagan... after the long night of the winter solstice, the darkness is gently lightened and joy stirs the people, eager to be freed from the night.

May the whole of 2023 be a year of epiphany and chase away the bad omens of belligerent men-at-arms.

The simplicity of this vow, which Safe World Peace has carried from the outset, resonates more than ever in a world where the gains we have made seem too fragile, where our refuges are no longer the walls that shelter us but rather the values that we defend and that carry us forward. Let's hope that the young people and children we support will become clear-sighted and caring individuals.

We're waiting for people who can avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. Thanks to education and the mastery of their body and mind, they'll have the strength to offer our civilisations a true epiphany!

At the risk of sounding enlightened... our quest is part of a search for such simple solutions in areas where everything is complicated, hostile and brutal. But in all these places, in all the armed conflicts, ways out must be found. All forms of obscurantism are to be feared, and only by being aware of others can we be armed to resist them. Together, let us make mutual aid and intercultural exchange a real strength, a bulwark so solid that the men of terror can no longer impose themselves and rule as they see fit.

Thank you to all those who help and support Safe World Peace in this humane project to help disadvantaged children achieve the resilience needed in modern society.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years. Together, let's make 2023 the start of a new epiphany for some children, so that their eyes can light up once again.

Author: Marie Lang

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