The fight against world hunger

Some figures on hunger in the world

  • 66 million children go hungry at school
  • 821 million people are undernourished
  • 10.4% of the world's population in 2020
  • 45% of deaths in children under 5 are due to malnutrition

The reasons for the famine

Weather phenomena and the resulting poverty...

Today, climate change is the primary reason for the major food instability that can occur here and there on a temporary or, unfortunately, almost permanent basis, becoming a chronic danger for populations. Certain regions of our planet are dramatically affected by this recurrence, such as Africa and the Sahelian strip, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.


Geopolitical conflicts

Local or international conflicts are the second main reason for famines, as the unstable political climate in certain regions will prevent food from circulating properly and certain regions will be isolated. The lack of resources to develop food-producing agriculture will have a definite impact on the variety and quality of local produce, where it exists, and will result in a lack of food, the consequences of which on the population, but also on the animals and the land, will be very difficult to overcome afterwards.


The impact on the global balance

In many countries, the fragility of the national economy prevents global development. In this age of globalisation, international conflicts are having a brutal impact on the most fragile economic structures, which are undermined by their geographical location in areas that are sensitive to the climatic changes our century is undergoing. Food insecurity, which is also a direct consequence of the COVID crisis that has been raging for two years now, is spreading to new territories, whether geographical or social.

Education seems to be one of the keys to solving the problem. This includes access to drinking water, which in the long term will lead to greater stability in the area of health and therefore fewer deficiencies among the population.

Wealthier governments are putting strategies in place and providing funds to support food aid over the long term. If food is no longer a daily struggle, then communities can develop their economies, which can then be invested in food.

At the same time, food aid for self-sufficiency is increasingly being promoted by various NGO initiatives and experts commissioned by governments (France). The aim here is to train and inform local people about their day-to-day farming practices, food transport, storage, etc. In addition, girls are becoming key contacts, as it is they who fetch the water and it is the women who work in the home, harvesting and looking after the animals.


Safe World Peace and the fight against hunger

Our dearest wish is to help the most vulnerable populations, namely children, knowing that intra-uterine malnutrition has serious consequences on the formation and development of the foetus. Up to the age of 5, an unbalanced diet lacking in essential nutrients has a serious impact on a child's cognitive development. We want to support associations, with the support of local authorities, in their fight to achieve a balance towards a virtuous circle where the future of the territories will be driven by strong children capable of growing up. We want to help them take their destiny into their own hands and no longer accept having to make do with the resilience of the victims.


Safe World Peace and support for development

Our work is part of a network of NGOs, associations and international experts. Together, we can better combat the scourges of our world and break this vicious and fatal circle. There are many strategies, but we are still at the stage of providing immediate food aid.

For the Malawi region, Force for Good Foundation is one of our partners and has 20 years' experience in supporting children in need in developing areas in 50 countries. We have already seen improvements with Nourish The Children, an association that we support. The 900 meals delivered each month in Malawi to malnourished children in their schools are a beacon of hope.

Author : Marie Lang

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