World Friendship Day

to undertake with others or to have fun. The implicit project is to enjoy life to the fullest. 

What is friendship

Friendship builds us all and allows us to move forward, a hand outstretched, a shoulder to lean on, a smile and these are the sparks that make friendship feel expected and welcomed. It is natural and absolute, the slow and growing gestation of something that is there but not seen, that exists in hollow and puts relief in the lives of its protagonists. We have all shared a common project with a friend: to go on an adventure around the world, to discover the nightlife of our city, to join forces to support a cause that we believe to be just... or first and foremost, to find an accomplice for the nonsense of childhood.

Friendship and Safe World Peace

The work of Safe World Peace and many other philanthropic and humanitarian organizations is based on the fundamental friendship that binds us together to accomplish great things. 

However small the actions may be, their existence is already the restoration of that primitive feeling of recognition that reassures and allows us to progress together. 

In these dizzying times of uncertainty, it is good to know that friendship exists, that it is everywhere, even in places where it was thought to be long gone. A friend you can count on, a friend who means well, for a moment, for a transitional period or for a lifetime, counts as much as a best friend, I believe. 

Friendship in the world


In some regions, classmates born in the same year get together every ten years to share a meal. 

We also know the song "les copains d'abord". 

In Germany, when we have not seen each other for a long time, we greet each other by falling into each other's arms...

And when we have only friends left

  • When the family is absent, friendship is there, and if by chance the family is there, friendship is there too. friendship is there, and if by chance the family is there, friendship is also there.friendship also takes its place.
  • When everything is going well, we don't have time, we are absent, busy enjoying life and the discoveries it holds for us. But when things are not going well and everything stops, our friends are there, like the solid stones of a temple, like the walls of Notre Dame de Paris... and we don't fall completely, to get up again slowly but surely.  
  • Friendship travels everywhere, friendship is good whether it is old or new, it is always smiling and complicit.
  • The complicity shared during a moment of life can be found ten years later in an instant. 
  • The joy of knowing someone and then recognizing them when they were far away is a precious joy. 
  • If friendship is difficult, disappointing, we should not hold a grudge because it is human, it cannot be fragile and the wounds of life strengthen it.
  • Friendship a value

This friendship, which is literally priceless, does not have a particular elect, it is the capacity that we have to open ourselves to others. So if it takes a few knocks, it is only a training to be stronger, and ready for new human adventures, most of the time serene and funny, widening the range of our experiences.

Author : Marie Lang

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