Fadia Otte - Presidente Fondatrice

Fadia Otte

Présidente Fondatrice

L’idée de Safe World Peace m’est venue en un éclair. Ou plutôt devrais-je dire, en une déflagration. La découverte des attentats de Londres le 6 juillet 2005 alors que j’étais à Beyrouth me replongea des années en arrière, dans ce Liban que j’avais fui et où la guerre faisait le malheur de toutes les communautés religieuses qui s’y côtoyaient.

La petite fille que j’étais à l’époque ne comprenais pas pourquoi, du jour au lendemain, elle ne pouvait plus avoir des copines musulmanes ou juives. Aujourd’hui, je laisse parler cette enfant qui est en moi, et aimerait tant que les hommes, dans toutes leurs différences, cherchent à se comprendre et à vivre en paix. Et je refuse de considérer cela comme une utopie.

Car les attentats et les actes inhumains qui ont lieu désormais un peu partout dans le monde, sont comme les métastases de ce cancer qui s’en déclaré à Beyrouth il y a plus de 40 ans. Et la seule façon de le guérir, c’est de s’aimer les uns les autres.

Après avoir quitté le Liban, j’ai habité Paris, New York, Londres, Jakarta, Berlin, et suis devenue créatrice de bijoux de la marque Fadia Creations spécialisée dans la haute joaillerie en perles. C’est ce 6 juillet 2005 que j’ai décidé de consacré ma vie à faire cohabiter sur une même pièce les signes des 4 principales religions. Aujourd’hui, c’est une manière à la fois forte et glamour de prendre position en faveur de la paix. C’est aussi et surtout, une preuve de solidarité envers ceux qui souffrent d’oppression et d’isolement. Cet isolement qui vous empêche de vous ouvrir aux autres cultures et traditions. En effet, la totalité des bénéfices de ces ventes sert à financer des projets qui touchent les enfants et les femmes : éducation, santé, sport… Je souhaiterais ne plus évoquer les religions mais apprécier les différences de nos cultures et de nos traditions.

Ma devise : qui ouvre une école ferme une prison

J’ai juré d’aider les autres jusqu’à mon dernier souffle, mais de le faire avec style. Vive la différence, vive la tolérance et le respect envers l’autre.

Claude Darmon- Vice President

Claude Darmon


Cathy Cottino Vandepitte - Secrétaire Générale

Cathy Cottino Vandepitte

Secrétaire Générale

Joël Rochard - Conseiller financier

Joël Rochard

Conseiller financier

Karine Ellena-Partouche

Rosalie Varda

Rosalie Varda

Créatrice & Directrice artistique

Nora Sabrier

Nora Sabrier

Robin Wood Foundation

René Ricol - Trésorier

René Ricol

Muriel Réus

Muriel Réus

Valérie Hoffenberg

Valérie Hoffenberg

Connecting Leaders Club

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Automotor France

Byron Russell

Byron Russell – Byron Russell LLC

Honorary Committee

Isabelle Adjani Marraine solidaire

Isabelle Adjani

SAS Charles-Henri de Lobkowicz

SAS Charles-Henri de Lobkowicz

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Radu Mihaileanu Parrain solidaire

Radu Mihaileanu

Nadine Labaki & Fadia Otte

Nadine Labaki

Elsa Zylberstein

Elsa Zylberstein

Aloe Blacc & Fadia Otte

Aloe Blacc

Marc Cerrone & Fadia Otte

Marc Cerrone

Art and Culture Committee

David-Hervé Boutin

David-Hervé Boutin

Producteur, Concepteur d’expositions

Jean-Michel Attal

Notaire, Collectionneur d’Art

Yoyo Maeght

Yoyo Maeght

Fondation Maeght, Editrice, Galeriste et Commissaire d’expositions françaises

Timo Mietinen

Timo Miettinen

Collectionneur d’art – Salon Dahlmann Berlin

Digard Auction

Digard Auction

Maison de ventes volontaires

Our Artistes

Mouna Rebeiz- Artiste Peintre

Mouna Rebeiz

Artiste peintre


Eric Bottero


Justine Darmon-Photographe

Justine Darmon


Abbes Boukhobza

Artiste peintre

Laurent Couson - Compositeur - Pianiste - Chef d'orchestre

Laurent Couson

Compositeur – Pianiste – Chef d’orchestre

Orlan - Artiste Peintre - Sculpteur - Photographe


Artiste peintre – Sculpteur – Photographe

Influenceurs Committee

Hatika Maatig

Community Manager


Community Manager

Press Committee

Brigitte Fanny Cohen

Brigitte Fanny Cohen

France 2

Agnès Bouquet

Agnes Bouquet

Global TV St Tropez

Robert Mergui

Robert Mergui

Le Figaro

Edith Edery

Edith Edry

Nice Matin

Nourish the children

Nourish the Children Project

The children of Malawi loved Vitameal in rices and lenses.
Unfortunately, it is not the kind of food to which they are used. Win Duersch, nutritionist at Pharmanex, made the trip to Malawi to investigate into their diet. He discovered that Malawiens was used to eat some porridge with grilled corns and with soyas. 

He thus finalized a meal which included these ingredients but which meets better the nutritional profile developed by Dr Ken Brown, expert in infantile malnutrition and manager of the international department of nutrition at the University of California, Davis. The porridge Vitameal contains 25 vitamins and essential minerals just like Vitameal in rices and lenses. It contains a well-balanced mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, calories and electrolytes. It also contains some zinc to avoid diarrheas and of the vitamin A to prevent the common blindness in Africa. The porridge Vitameal is specially designed to please the underfed children. 

When the children do not enough receive to eat or when they do not receive adequate food, they are not far from suffering from malnutrition.

The mission of Children’s initiative Nourish the ® ( NTC) connected to Nu Skin Enterprises ™ is to help to save the life of the 5 million children who die every year of malnutrition by supplying them the nourishing food of VitaMeal, developed specially for them, with 25 vitamins and different minerals.

In a little more than 5 years, NTC exceeded the 100 million given meals. Having reached at the moment the 150 million meals, we left well to exceed the 2nd level of 100 million in three years hardly.


Visit Nourish the children’s website

AFEL : Association du Foyer de l'Enfant Libanais

AFEL : Association du Foyer de l'Enfant Libanais

Restoration of the Oscar Niemeyer Stadium

Restauration du Stade Oscar Niemeyer à Tripoli

Restoration of the Oscar Niemeyer Stadium in Tripoli – Lebanon, a historical monument, symbol of sporting, cultural, let abandoned

Schools in Lebanon

 Innocence in danger

In Lebanon, according to the study carried out by kafa in partnership with the ministry of social affairs, more than: 885’000 children are victims of psychological abuse, of which, 738’000 are also victims of physical abuse and 219’000 victims of sexual abuse In light of this alarming situation, himaya was established with the mission of promoting a comprehensive approach for the protection of the innocence in danger.

As with every story, the story of himaya begins with “once upon a time”.
Once upon a time there was a grandmother and her grandson, who was five years old.
“Come my darling, come give me a kiss”
(Silence) The kid kept silent and did not answer.
“If you give me a kiss I’ll give you a candy.”
Suddenly the kid gets up and runs to collect his candy.
himaya was born on that day.

“himaya for the innocence in danger”

This little story is not uncommon or unheard of. In our youth, how many times have we been told: “do not speak to strangers” and how many times have we been driven to repeat it to our children and our children’s children for as long as we can remember.

It is from this maternal and protective instinct that himaya came to exist, with the help and devotion of people inspired by himaya’s mission, that a committee was established along with a close partnership with arcenciel, whose huge resources and great support enabled us to grow fast and effectively.

himaya aims to protect young victims of incest, pedophilia or any other type of abuse.
himaya aims to break the silence that contributes to hiding child abuse in our society.
himaya aims to offer as many children as possible the necessary life skills to protect themselves.

All this began in September 2008 with a unique social worker. Today himaya counts more than 50 professionals from different backgrounds and specialties, offering a global follow-up and works through three programs (Resilience, Education and Training) covering all Lebanese territories.
We also have had the chance to open a resilience center that offers shelter and therapy to any child whose environment put their life in danger.

We like to always have faith that a smile doesn’t cost anything but gives out so much more, it transcends words, speaks beyond wounds, beyond trauma, it is the living proof that together, for some of them, we succeeded.

himaya has become a reference for child protection in Lebanon.
A newsletter will be sent regularly to always keep you posted on himaya’s past, present and future activities and achievements.

Hospital in Lebanon

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Oum El Nour

Oum el Nour is committed to serving individuals by combating addiction, in order to attain a healthy society characterized by sustainable growth.

Oum el Nour perceives drug addiction as an extensive problem, with destructive causes and consequences for the individual, the family, and society at large: from the wasted human potential and incapacitated production means, to the incidents resulting from the effect of or the need for drugs, to the high costs incurred not only on the material level but also on the moral and social levels.

Therefore, Oum el Nour endeavors to set up programs to welcome, guide, rehabilitate, accompany, and follow up on individuals suffering from drug addiction. In addition to the prevention programs, it also works on building a skilled staff able to assimilate and apply the latest scientific tools and methods, as well as develop and adapt them to the Lebanese society’s specificity.

This is achieved through a genuine spirit of interaction, communication, and sharing with all the parties concerned: international organizations, governmental organizations, public/private sector institutions, local communities, non-governmental organizations… like SAFE WORLD PEACE.

Thanks to this mobilization, 350 000 US Dollars could be collected for their annual Fund Raising event which taked place on October 2nd 2017


Visit Oum El Nour website : https://oum-el-nour.org/

Baalbek Refugee Camp - Bekaa Valley - Lebanon

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Capharnaüm movie

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