Fadia Otte - President and Founder

Fadia Otte

President and Founder

The idea for Safe World Peace came to me in a flash. Or rather, I should say, in an explosion. The discovery of the London bombings on July 6, 2005, while I was in Beirut, took me back years to the Lebanon I had fled, where the war was making the misfortune of all the religious communities living side by side.

The little girl that I was at the time did not understand why, from one day to the next, she could no longer have Muslim or Jewish girlfriends. Today, I let the child in me speak, and I would like so much that men, in all their differences, try to understand each other and live in peace. And I refuse to consider this as a utopia.

Because the attacks and inhuman acts that are now taking place all over the world are like the metastasis of this cancer that broke out in Beirut more than 40 years ago. And the only way to cure it is to love one another.

After leaving Lebanon, I lived in Paris, New York, London, Jakarta, Berlin, and became a jewelry designer for Fadia Creations, a brand specialized in high quality pearl jewelry. It was on July 6, 2005 that I decided to dedicate my life to making the signs of the 4 main religions cohabit on the same piece. Today, it is a strong and glamorous way to take a stand for peace. It is also and above all, a proof of solidarity towards those who suffer from oppression and isolation. This isolation that prevents you from opening up to other cultures and traditions. Indeed, the totality of the profits of these sales is used to finance projects that affect children and women: education, health, sport... I would like to stop talking about religions and appreciate the differences of our cultures and traditions.

My motto: who opens a school closes a prison

I have sworn to help others until my last breath, but to do it with style. Long live difference, long live tolerance and respect for others.

Claude Darmon- Vice President

Claude Darmon

Vice President

Cathy Cottino Vandepitte - General Secretary

Cathy Cottino Vandepitte

Secretary General

René Ricol - Treasurer

René Ricol

Former President of the Order of Chartered Accountants

Joël Rochard - Financial Advisor

Joël Rochard

Inspector General of Finance

Thierry Chiche

Executive Chairman ELSAN

Alexandre Basdereff

CEO Hopening

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

President Automotor France

Jean-Luc Pradier

Jean-Luc Pradier

Diplomatic Advisor

Honorary Committee

Isabelle Adjani, godmother of solidarity

Isabelle Adjani

Philippe Wahl

SAS Charles-Henri de Lobkowicz

SAS Charles-Henri de Lobkowicz

Radu Mihaileanu Solidarity Sponsor

Radu Mihaileanu

Aloe Blacc & Fadia Otte

Aloe Blacc

Nadine Labaki & Fadia Otte

Nadine Labaki

Elsa Zylberstein

Elsa Zylberstein

Marc Cerrone & Fadia Otte

Marc Cerrone

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Georges Khabbaz

Rosalie Varda

Rosalie Varda

Laurent Couson - Composer - Pianist - Conductor

Laurent Couson

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David-Hervé Boutin

Jean-Michel Attal

Nora Sabrier

Nora Sabrier

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Byron Russell

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Timo Miettinen

Yoyo Maeght

Yoyo Maeght

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Muriel Réus

Valerie Hoffenberg

Valerie Hoffenberg

Our Artists

Mouna Rebeiz- Painter

Mouna Rebeiz

Artist painter


Eric Bottero


Justine Darmon-Photographer

Justine Darmon


Orlan - Painter - Sculptor - Photographer


Painter - Sculptor - Photographer


Teresa Hofmeister

Influencers Committee

Hatika Maatig

Hatika Maatig

Community Manager

Audrey Chorosis

Director of Marketing & Communications

Cindy Gredziak

Amina Minouch wearing Safe World Peace jewels

Amina Minouch

Ayem Nour wearing Safe World Peace jewels

Ayem Nour

Diva Rebecca wearing Safe World Peace jewels

Diva Rebecca

Guess Twins wearing Safe World Peace jewels

Guess Twins

Meriem Debbagh wearing Safe World Peace jewels

Meriem Debbagh

Mina Habchi wearing Safe World Peace jewels

Mina Habchi

Selma Kacisebbagh wearing Safe World Peace jewels

Selma Kacisebbagh

Press Committee

Brigitte Fanny Cohen

Brigitte Fanny Cohen

France 2

Agnès Bouquet

Agnes Bouquet

Global TV St Tropez

Robert Mergui

Robert Mergui

Le Figaro

Edith Edery

Edith Edry

Nice Matin

Vanessa Lemoigne wearing Safe World Peace jewels

Vanessa Lemoigne

Elsa Wolinski wearing Safe World Peace jewels

Elsa Wolinski

Sport Committee

Isabelle Gircourt wearing Safe World Peace jewels

Isabelle Gircourt

Alice Rutkin wearing Safe World Peace jewels

Alice Rutkin