Fadia Otte - Presidente Fondatrice

Fadia Otte

President and Founder

The idea for Safe World Peace came to me in a flash. Or rather, I should say, an explosion. Discovering the London bombings on 6 July 2005 while I was in Beirut took me back years, to the Lebanon I had fled, where war was wreaking havoc on all the religious communities living side by side.

The little girl I was at the time couldn't understand why, from one day to the next, she could no longer have Muslim or Jewish girlfriends. Today, I let the child in me speak, and would so much like people, with all their differences, to try to understand each other and live in peace. And I refuse to consider this a utopia.

Because the attacks and inhuman acts that are now taking place all over the world are like metastases of the cancer that broke out in Beirut more than 40 years ago. And the only way to cure it is to love one another.

After leaving Lebanon, I lived in Paris, New York, London, Jakarta and Berlin, before becoming a jewellery designer for the Fadia Creations brand, which specialises in fine pearl jewellery. It was on 6 July 2005 that I decided to devote my life to bringing together on the same piece the symbols of the 4 main religions. Today, it's a powerful and glamorous way of taking a stand for peace. Above all, it's a show of solidarity with those who suffer oppression and isolation. Isolation that prevents you from opening up to other cultures and traditions. In fact, all the profits from these sales are used to fund projects that affect children and women: education, health, sport... I'd like to stop talking about religions and appreciate the differences between our cultures and traditions.

My motto: whoever opens a school closes a prison

I have sworn to help others until my last breath, but to do it with style. Long live difference, long live tolerance and respect for others.

Amélia Lakrafi

Présidente d’Honneur

Claude Darmon- Vice President

Claude Darmon


Jean-Luc Pradier

Jean-Luc Pradier

Secrétaire Général