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Hospitals in Lebanon

For several years now, Fadia Otte with SAFE WORLD PEACE makes an on-the-spot inventory of hospital needs in Lebanon:

  • Beirut Governmental Hospital – Karantina
  • Lebanese Hospital-Geitaoui
  • French Hospital of Levant

medicines, medical equipment, medical furniture and consumables.
The country's hospitals are cruelly lacking in resources, and the explosion in the port of Beirut in August 2020 literally destroyed equipment and healthcare services, ripping open entire wings of hospitals.

We regularly collect and purchase medicines, which we deliver directly to them.

In addition, with the collaboration of Jean Luc Pradier, our diplomatic adviser,we collect functional, new and usable medical equipment and furniture that French hospitals no longer want, and transport them by container to Lebanon for distribution to hospitals.
4,000€ is needed to store, load, transport and unload the equipment.

Our presence alongside them has also enabled us to define the operating needs of certain departments.
It costs €500 to save a premature baby from a 2-month stay in hospital. We would like to make a monthly donation to finance the stay of 5 children.

By making a donation to SAFE WORLD PEACE, donors enable us to help them restock and rebuild,
to be able to offer care to the population.

Hopital Bouar 1

Capharnaüm movie


After making the film Capharnaüm in 2018, with the aim of shining a spotlight on the behind-the-scenes world of Beyrouth,
Nadine Labaki wanted to continue supporting the families and children who played in her film. She therefore created Capharnaüm Foundation.
It was only natural that she should tell her friend of her wishes Fadia Otte, who decided to take part with SAFE WORLD PEACE
providing monthly support for 5 refugee families, financing the renovation of their homes and helping them to set up a business
while enabling their 7 children to return to school.

To date, all the donations collected for this project have been earmarked to finance the schooling of these children for years to come and to offer them a future.

The chain of friends

Education is at the heart of SAFE WORLD PEACE. It is the bedrock of our civilisation.
Without education, there is no respect, no tolerance, there is no Peace possible.
"Who opens a school, closes a prison" is one of the phrases that Fadia Otte often cited.
The meaning of this word is even stronger in countries in conflict. Education must be preserved and delivered.
Being originally from Lebanon, Fadia Otte is making every effort to SAFE WORLD PEACE to visit schools in his home country, meet the pupils and identify their needs so that he can contribute to their funding.

  • SAFE WORLD PEACE takes part in collections and deliveries of school supplies, furniture, equipment, etc.
    computer equipment for schools in Lebanon through its support for the association.
    The chain of friends
    founded in 1968 which is now in a position to intervene with 250 students.
    The school fees, which include furniture, IT equipment, school supplies, teaching and food, amount to USD 1,000 per year per child.
  • We also work directly with schools in southern Lebanon, helping to renovate classrooms and sports facilities. We are also trying to raise funds to provide them with two school buses to ensure that the children can be taken to school and on school outings.

By making a donation to SAFE WORLD PEACE for this action, the donors allow these children to continue to believe in a better future, by giving them hope and maintaining their enjoyment of learning.

La chaîne des amis

Les toits de Beyrouth logo

Les Toits de Beyrouth (Stouh Beyrouth)

Les Toits de Beyrouth (Stouh Beyrouth) is a not-for-profit organisation whose main aim is to help the most disadvantaged people in Lebanon, be they families or isolated individuals.
The association is sensitive to each person's life path, pays attention, listens, helps and tries to convey the importance of opening up to others.
Under the impetus of its founding president Dalia Dagher, a group of dedicated people has been formed. This group is keen to make the founding concrete work, in terms of health, rehabilitation, living conditions, food aid, clothing and equipment, the effects are felt by the people and parties who benefit from them.

SAFE WORLD PEACE has decided to join the solidarity movement.

After eight successful telethons that have helped more than 100 families by giving them a chance to live a decent life, the 9th edition will be held on 23 December 2021.
The next telethon will focus on helping people with major health problems who do not have the financial means to pay their medical bills.

By making a donation to SAFE WORLD PEACE for this action,
donors help people in need
to receive support and medical care for themselves and their families.

Nourish The Children

  • For several years now, SAFE WORLD PEACE, is sensitive to the action of Nourish the Children, an initiative of NuSkin which aims to provide malnourished children with a highly nutritious meal called VitaMeal, developed by nutritional scientists.
  • Each bag VitaMeal contains 30 meals. They are sold by Nu Skin, then donated to third-party non-profit organisations specialising in distributing food to children suffering from malnutrition and famine.
  • VitaMeal is a nutrient-rich, dairy-free vegetarian meal. It has been specially designed to feed malnourished children. Its basic ingredients have been carefully selected to match the staple diet of each region, allowing it to be adapted to the unique tastes and cultures of different countries. Each bag contains 30 portions suitable for children, offering a healthy meal every day for a whole month.
  • This programme feeds more than 120,000 children a day.
  • Over 700 million meals have been distributed worldwide since its launch in over 50 countries.
  • SAFE WORLD PEACE is contributing to this initiative by purchasing a bag of 30 VitaMeal meals for each piece of jewellery we sell on our site.
  • Every month, we buy at least the equivalent of 900 meals which are distributed directly to children in their schools in Malawi.
By making a donation to SAFE WORLD PEACE you enable us to send more meals to these children every month.

Nourish the Children


Requiem XIX

  • Requiem XIX is a work inspired by the myth of the Tower of Babel, written by the composer and conductor Laurent Couson.
  • Performed in Latin, Hebrew and Arabic, Requiem XIX celebrates the rebirth of life, the rapprochement of cultures and peace.
The choirs perform traditional Christian Requiem texts, extracts from the Hebrew Bible and an original text in literary Arabic, written especially for this Requiem by the Moroccan poet Mohammed Ennaji.
"Love is stronger than death".

Laurent Couson directs the concert Requiem XIX with
the soprano Melody Louledjian, the choirs Pro Homine,
Al Fin Voce and the instrumental ensemble Magnifica


" Breaking down barriers between people, and between
musical genres, is something I feel very strongly about",
explains Laurent Couson.
"The musical language of Requiem XIX is modern,
of great harmonic and rhythmic subtlety,
but always melodic. "Tonality is the foundation of my writing.
I need above all to construct a melody.
But if it is classical writing, looking towards Bach or
Schumann, it is enriched by my experience in jazz
and film music", concludes Laurent Couson.
This is a self-financed work.
Safe World Peace, through its commitment to peace
and social cohesion, thanks to your donations, supports this work
in the hope of being able to introduce it to as many people as possible
through performances in France and abroad.

Our past actions



Safe World Peace & Togeth’HER 2020: Estampe de Mouna Rebeiz « Li Beyrouth, Fairuz »

For the charity project “Artistes à la Une – Togeth-her“, Mouna Rebeiz has chosen to represent the most celebrated Lebanese singer of all time: Fairuz. Mouna Rebeiz’s work, « Li Beirut, Fairuz » (Oil on canvas, 67.5 cm x 52.5 cm) will be sold by Artcurial for the benefit of Safe World Peace, working notably on the reconstruction of the Geitaoui Hospital in Beirut. With generosity and in order to help Beirut, Mouna Rebeiz will sign the 50 copies of the print (published in 70 x 50 cm format) which will be sold at a price of €840 on pre-order and €1,200 thereafter. For each work sold, 50% of the sale will go to Safe World Peace for its actions in Lebanon.


Masks REBLand DVDKSTC by TOM REBL for Safe World Peace

New collaboration and co-branding of REBL and DVDKSTC by TOM REBL for Safe World Peace.



To celebrate the 15th anniversary of SAFE WORLD PEACE, we wanted to create a limited edition IKI BUDDHA POP x SAFE WORLD PEACE. Joyful, laughing, inspiring good humor and sharing. Each sale will contribute to help educate children in Lebanon.


Support Lebanon

Following the August 2020 event in Lebanon, implementation of the « Support Lebanon » campaign to help the following associations.


We are your shadow

Izdihar launched an initiative called “Nehna Zelak” (we are your shadow) with the idea of creating a partnership between our volunteers and other youth organizations to provide Lebanese people living in extreme poverty with a minimum necessary to survive with dignity. A large amount of bread bags was distributed through one of the groups.
70% of the Lebanese population has lost jobs due to the financial collapse of the country, in addition to the COVID crisis confinement.

Currently, Nehna Zelak is undertaking four specific actions:

  • First and foremost, they distribute 1,500 loaves of bread to the over one thousand families in need
  • They cooperate with the “Charity Kitchen” to provide 200 meals a day to these families
  • They distribute 2000 ration coupons for basic food and products to families in need in cooperation with the “north Lebanon students’ league”

Development of partnerships

  • Partnership with Force For Good Foundation (Nu Skin Initiative): with actions such as Creating Smiles and « VitaMeal ».
  • We have also developed a partnership with the International Association of Soldiers for Peace (IASP – SPIA), which brings together former United Nations peacekeepers.

Mission in Palestine

Hatika and Hanene came to the aid of underprivileged families and children



Association of the Lebanese Children’s Home whose mission since 1976 is to educate and feed underprivileged children of all faiths.


Capharnaum Foundation

a Nadine Labaki and Safe World Peace initiative giving monthly support to 2 refugee families, which allowed their 7 children to go back to school.


Creation of tarbooshes & auction at Saatchi & Saatchi in London

For the benefit of Innocence in Danger which helps children of abuse.


Organization of a concert at the Casino du Liban

Thanks to Marc Cerrone and Aloe: 250,000 US dollars were raised for the benefit of Oum El Nour, a rehabilitation center for drug addicts.

In collaboration with Antoine Asmar, creation of a piece of jewelry

Creation of a piece of jewelry for the benefit of Chickenshed (since 1974), a specialized theater group for mentally challenged children in London.


Completion of the roof of a 4-story school for underprivileged children along side La chaîne des amis in Lebanon.


Assistance given to Valérie Hoffenberg (special representative of France for the Middle East peace process)

Organization of a meeting between Israeli and Palestinian children who for several months discussed the vision of their common future in the Middle East.


Creation of a piece of Maasai jewelry with Caterina Murino

Sold to the Quai Branly Museum, which allowed the construction of a well for an orphanage in Kenya.


Al Sindyana

Rest home for the elderly. Replacement of mattresses for 50 beds.


La chaîne des amis (Lebanon)

School support for children who have been subjected to violence and abuse. 

Support Safe World Peace and enable us to continue our actions around the world, thanks to you.

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