Plate and chain in rhodium-plated and enamelled 925 silver.
For each sale, €100 is donated to AISP to help fund their programmes for young people.



  • Dimensions: length: 4.5 cm x width: 2.5 cm.
  • Weight:10 g


  • Dimensions: length: 50 cm
  • Weight:13 g

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What is AISP?

The International Association of Soldiers of Peace ( AISP / SPIA ) was founded on 19 November 1988. Since 1995, this association has had general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, with resolution 12-96 (XLIV) of 3 July 1995, within the framework of Security Council resolutions.

What are their missions?

  • Extend the humanitarian and diplomatic activities of the Blue Helmets in the field.
  • to help former Blue Helmets with their retraining and the recognition of their rights, and to promote the memory of actions involving more than one and a half million veterans.

AISP is developing :

  • mine clearance programmes.
  • a training programme for guards of protected natural areas.
  • an international peace academy dedicated to conflict resolution and the training of future diplomats.
  • a sports and health programme to promote peace.
  • an international young peacemaker programme.
  • an ASSEO (Accueil, Soutien, Solidarité, Ecoute et Orientation) programme for post-traumatic stress.

Since 2009she is a member of the Human Rights and Humanitarian Action Committees.

What are their objectives?

  • be a source of ideas for the United Nations and the international community on topical and social issues.
  • create associations in countries with former Blue Helmets.
  • social and humanitarian initiatives.
  • help resolve conflicts.